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How To Make Focaccia Col Formaggio

If you love pizza, you’ll love focaccia col formaggio. As we already explained, “focaccia” is the Italian word for a flat oven-baked bread, whose recipe can slightly vary from region to region. More »


Pizza Wasn’t Born With Cheese On It


Pizza is the food of the Gods. If it weren’t so, you wouldn’t read these pages. But, what if some food intolerance – let’s say: lactose intolerance – impedes us to have it? Our life has no more meaning.
Before falling in the deepest depression, let’s take a look to some dairy-free pizza recipes that are so tasty and satisfying that even Italians can have them.

How To Make Focaccia Col Formaggio…


If you love pizza, you’ll love focaccia col formaggio.
As we already explained, “focaccia” is the Italian word for a flat oven-baked bread, whose recipe
can slightly vary from region to region.
In the small town of Recco, a municipality in the province of Genoa, they make a special focaccia,
filled with stracchino cheese.
The peculiarity of focaccia col formaggio – whose name just mean “focaccia with cheese” – is that
it’s made of two extra-thin layers of rolled dough, which contain cheese, so that the thickness of
focaccia never exceed half centimetre (0.2 In).
Although traditionally cooked in wood ovens, focaccia col formaggio can be prepared at home, too,
and tastes great as well.

Pizza Needs No Introduction


As one of the post popular dishes in the world, Pizza needs no introduction. Many people advice not to consume Pizza’s but the reality is different. Many scientists have tested the long term effects of pizza on our metabolism. Today, one of the most common misconceptions about pizza is that they are the part of the so called “fast food” types of foods. But the truth is that pizza can actually be very nutritional meal that can provide adequate sustenance to our body and metabolism.



It’s one of the most enjoyed dishes across the world. But do you know how Pizza was invented and how it managed to win hearts all over? You will be surprised to know that Pizza was actually transformed from the patties made of mashed grains. The Pizza has gone through centuries of evolution, most significant of which is the change in the primary ingredient, from various coarse grains to solely wheat-based dough, and eventually to a dish made almost exclusively with white flour

And along with the many forms pizza has taken, its composition, toppings, seasonings, methods of preparation, and the equipment used too have altered radically over the years.



Very few people know that Pizza’s birth started as ‘Focaccia’ as flat oven-baked Italian breads. There’s an interesting story to the birth of Pizza. The Greeks, first laid the foundations for Pizza were as they were the ones who first baked large, round and flat breads. To add taste, they topped it with various items such as olive oils, spices, potatoes and other things. But the real story began in the 18th century in Italy where flat breads called “Pizzas”, were sold on the streets and in the markets. They were poor man’s food as they were relatively cheap to make, were tasty and filling. It was an instant hit in Naples.